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Twyla Jones - Emotional Storytelling

Noella Andres - Wellcurated Creative Agency

A few things to expect in Navigate the Wild

  • Learn how to prepare your Pinterest profile for business. and set it up for success. 
  • How to curate pins with click worthy titles, descriptions and graphics. 
  • Put your Pinterest on automatic so that it works for you while you sleep. 
  • Stop shouting at the masses and learn how to gently sell to your following without coming off as a cheesy salesperson.  
  • Did you know that with a few tweaks to your blogging, it can be a driving force for all of your marketing strategies.
  • We will talk about that mysterious acronym SEO and go over the do’s and don’ts on how to optimize your website and social media platforms so that you’re showing up where you need to be.  
  • What the heck is the difference between boosting a post and taking out a Facebook ad? Let's walk through the steps you need to take to take out a Facebook ad that will convert. 
  • Learn how create your first freebie and set up a welcome series that is on automatic and nurtures your clients from the moment they ‘knock on your door'. 
  • Learn how to plan your entire months content on Instagram in one day.
  • How to curate a grid and profile so that it is clear, on brand, cohesive and makes the right first impression.  
  • We will walk you through picking an email marketing platform that works for you and your needs. 
  • We will give you the framework for using all of your social media platforms to grow your email list
  • We will walk through the 4 different methods for asking for a sale. 
  • Lets walk through Facebook pages and the different types of content that should be posted in order to make sure that you not only serve your following but you sell your service too! 

All of this and SO much more!